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About Us

BBSL is total IT solution Company catering to the business and development demands of global as well as the domestic clients. BBSL thrives to achieve total customer satisfaction by following the footstep with the dynamics of fast changing IT world. BBSL ensures the international quality standard through the process of continuous evolutions, feedback, suggestions from its client, where work ethics, commitment and integrity of our key personnel are the prime key element for success of the organization.

1. Our Vision

We are expertise in delivering the top-notch services in Software development, Web Design/Development, Internet Marketing, Web Hosting, the facilities which are tailored to meet all your acceptation and suit all your on line approach. BBSL has been formed to meet the never-ending demand in increasing of Software market. The company mainly focuses on Designing and Development of software and online applications by using all the latest technologies and tools in order to meet the client's needs and satisfaction.

2. Our Mission

Serving and Dealing with the needs of clients with a strong believe that every client is special and matter a lot to us, which has encouraged and has kept us moving forward with a smile of our satisfied client. We know every client is unique and have own conception of values, which changes according to the time. As it is for sure that new condition will prevail and the birth of new priorities will take place, where new technologies will emerge and will become affordable. BBSL has been providing the best and still continuing with the same spirit of providing the same services, which is specially designed for you and your developing business.

3. Our Motto

Our Motto is to bring technology to every sphere of Human life. we strongly support the idea that "If something is worth doing once, it's worth building a tool to do it". Software that solves a common problem is quickly becoming a necessity in the world around us. Many ideas for software misses materialization due to limited skill, resource and vision. BBSL the one stop company to bring all of these factors together to create a successful working solution for all your requirements.

Our Services

Software Development

BBSL, empower IT- enable companies to increase their productivity by assisting them to reduce overall cost and process the development by creating suitable and dynamic software, resulting in increase of business traffic. In the race of being top software company where other companies trying to attract the customers by false commitment, BBSL has proven and has achieved the customer trust and satisfaction by fulfilling all their IT demand, where we focus all small and medium enterprise by offering them cost effective and end-to-end software solution. With our advanced e-commerce and web development services we are able to scale Business-to-Business and Business-to-Customers software solution. Entire all the process of development we take care start from the beginning till the end.

Web Designing

BBSL Designing teams who entail an in-depth knowledge of various implementation languages like ASP.net, JSP, J2EE, PHP etc. we make sure to deliver the quality based best solutions to our clients from across the world. We, in fact, tend to exceed client expectations. With our prime motive to be a Custom Web Design Company that is known for its professional services, we promise to design and render only the high-end solution for our every valued client.

We have the experience and expertise to offer professional website designs for corporate, business, and other organizations. Our expert designers accomplish various websites in various fields like Finance, School, Properties, Business, Entertainment, Social networking sites, e-commerce, portal etc.

Web Programming

BBSL have different skillsets all using Databases and Client Side Programming using JavaScript (AngularJs and other JS Platforms) with Server Side Programming using NodeJs, PHP, Perl (frameworks as per the project requirements) as per the scope of the project, used after evaluating which platform will work best for the application.The needs of our clients and their websites change with the growth and evolution of web. An estimate shows that 90% of new websites will have the need for custom web programming within one or two years of establishment. This is just because new technologies enter the internet world very frequently and so is changing the user behavior. Here comes the answer to the question that why customized web programming is required.

Application Development

Development organizations and teams that build software applications are challenged with their own unique set of complexities. Unlike traditional client-server and web-based software development, application developers are faced with very strict boundaries like memory, screen size, input devices, etc., short application lifecycles, and extreme usability requirements. That’s why software application developers should become quick in dealing with all of the variables in the development and deployment lifecycle.

Mobile Application Development

One of our specialty is mobile applications, mainly focusing on iPhone and Android. Having experience in iOS App Development and Android App Development, our team is capable to provide you a custom mobile application solution for your business. We have a strong application development process which enables us to deliver applications in your given budget and time.

GIS Application Development

Spatial Data plays a vital role in a GIS system. The best explanation of real world data gives, the more reliable results GIS presents. Thus dozens of data formats have been developed for the digital encoding of spatial data and information.


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